Brief History of the Company

Trumbo, Incorporated was founded in 1949 by L.C. Trumbo. The company has experienced continued growth as a custom fabrication shop with a focus on the construction and repair of ASME code vessels and commercial sterilizers. Our first ASME code vessel was built in 1957. We currently offer full fabrication services and build to customer specifications. We specialize in custom tanks, hoppers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, sterilizers, and miscellaneous structural steel projects. Trumbo, Inc. also provides field services including process piping, in-plant maintenance, plant turnarounds and mechanical contracting for new installations as well as boiler repair, installation, and rentals. 

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Get in Touch

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1106 Kansas Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38016

Day Phone: 901-948-7664
Night Phone: 901-948-5716
Fax: 901-774-1308
Emergency: 901-948-5716

Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday
24-Hour Emergency Service

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